Pros & Cons of Living in Tucson Arizona

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Are you thinking of moving to Tucson Arizona? Here are a list of pros and cons...

Pro #1: Growing Economy in Tucson

Tucson is home to many large employers on the public and private sector. Some of those include the University of Arizona, Raytheon Missile Systems, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Caterpillar Construction, and new to our community, the Amazon Fulfillment Center. And that's just naming a few.

Pro #2: Weather

We have tons of sunny days. Tucson is so fortunate to have close to 286 days of sunshine. And yes it can get North to 100 degrees during the summertime, but don't worry, it's a dry heat. Many people move to our warmer drier climate to escape shoveling snow and embrace the summertime feel throughout the year. But not to worry, we do also get cooler and mild winters as well. If you're wanting to escape and experience a true winter time with snow, you're just a short 45 minute drive up to Mount Lemmon. Escaping the desert climate, Mount Lemmon offers almost a 20 degree difference from Tucson, while being surrounded by pines and beautiful forest. Don't forget to make a stop at the infamous Cookie Cabin while you're up there.

Pro #3: Outdoor Activities

Tucson is prime for outdoor activities. We are home to some of the most amazing golf courses, hiking trails, and cycling paths. Some of the top golf courses in town are Tucson National, Dove Mountain, and Sewailo golf course. A few of the top hiking trails are Saguaro National Park, Romero Pools, Sabino Canyon, Finger Rock, and Madeira Canyon. Besides all the amazing cycling paths and trails throughout town, one of the most popular cycling spots is The Loop. It's a 131 mile bike loop that attracts crowds from all over.

And now moving on to the cons...

Con #1: Road Construction

This is high on the con list because although we are always trying to improve our roadways, in the spirit of doing a good job, it definitely takes a long time. So patience is key.

Con #2: We're a Smaller City

Although Tucson is a growing city, it tends to have a smaller town feel to it. We're nowhere close to places like New York, L.A. or Phoenix. Tucson does have more of a community base. So if that's what you're looking for, you're in the right place.

Con #3: No Professional Sports Team

Tucson used to host the MLB Spring Training, but unfortunately that was moved out of town. On the plus side, we are home to the University of Arizona Wildcats or with a short drive up to Phoenix, you're able to catch the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Suns, or the Cardinals for any of their games.

Well that wraps up our pros and cons list of living in Tucson, AZ. I hope you get to experience Tucson for yourself. I would love to chat with you anytime about real estate needs or Tucson. Make sure you give me a call, email or text!

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